Modellieren bremst nicht

Titel: Modellieren bremst nicht

Untertitel: Modellbasiertes System Engineering bei der Entwicklung von Prüfanlagen

enders Ingenieure GmbH, Thomas Rogalski

  • Systementwicklung mit SysML


The paper is basically a report about the experiences made with the application of model based systems engineering in an accomplished customer project. The objective was to develop and provide a custom braking test vehicle that provides a brake power of up to 500 kW. At the very beginning of the project there were controversial discussions about whether or not to use MBSE, about the expectations regarding the outcome of the model and about the way and characteristics of the applied MBSE method. These topics were especially influenced by the tight budget of the project.

Therefore a possible application of the method had to be as pragmatic and as efficient as possible. The paper covers the early phase of the project, the realization of MBSE as well as a résumé.

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